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COVID-19 and cancelled IVF

COVID-19 has changed life immeasurably over the last 6 weeks. First reported in China, it wasn’t long before cases of coronavirus were being reported more widely around the world. The virus was drawing closer, gaining a firm grip country by country, continent by continent. Eventually labelled a pandemic by WHO, we soon understood that coronavirus… Continue reading COVID-19 and cancelled IVF

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One more rung up the IVF ladder

Between November 2019 and February 2020, life was a cycle of gym visits and healthy eating. There was no alcohol, infrequent eating out and our house was pretty much a chocolate free zone. I’ve never had such an un-indulgent Christmas or seen myself visiting the gym 4 times a week so consistently. Self control and… Continue reading One more rung up the IVF ladder

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Third pregnancy, third miscarriage: back to square one

By the time I got pregnant for the third time, my feelings about conceiving had completely changed.  Gone was the instant joy, replaced instead with a confusion of emotions, muted relief that I’d managed to get pregnant and fear that something would go wrong. Gone was the assumption of a carefree pregnancy, replaced instead with… Continue reading Third pregnancy, third miscarriage: back to square one


Slave to the cycle

Trying to conceive. Sounds so innocuous, doesn’t it, when you say it quickly? But when you’re living it month after month, it has a tendency to take over your life. And not in a good way.  My cycle follows an exact pattern every month:  Cycle Day 1 (CD1) My period starts: cue disappointment, tears and… Continue reading Slave to the cycle

Miscarriage, Pregnancy

In the blink of an eye…

2017 was, without doubt, the best year of my life. I was 38 years old and feeling that my life-proper was about to begin. I was overjoyed to marry the man who brightens my life every day. We moved into the first house we had chosen together (rented for now, but nonetheless...ours). Our families came… Continue reading In the blink of an eye…