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COVID-19 and cancelled IVF

COVID-19 has changed life immeasurably over the last 6 weeks.

First reported in China, it wasn’t long before cases of coronavirus were being reported more widely around the world. The virus was drawing closer, gaining a firm grip country by country, continent by continent.

Eventually labelled a pandemic by WHO, we soon understood that coronavirus was something that would change our lives beyond recognition. Work would largely move from our offices to our homes, some foods and essential items would become scarce due to panic buying, and in many countries, personal movement would be restricted in an effort to contain the spread.

As the situation worsened, the strain on worldwide health services increased, death tolls climbed, and a sense of fear took over our daily lives.

And while I am grateful for so many reasons – I am still employed, I live with my husband in a nice home with plenty of food, heat and entertainment – what COVID-19 has done is threaten our chances of starting a family.

Because I was one of the unfortunate women waiting for an IVF cycle to start – just as COVID-19 arrived.

Last week, I was contacted by Katy Huie Harrison from Undefining Motherhood and asked to write an article giving my thoughts on the cancellation of my IVF cycle due to coronavirus. Having seen huge amounts of activity online from other women, just like me, who have been left feeling disappointed, worried and uncertain, I was keen to do this. I also wanted to share how I was looking for – and finding – a positive way to view the delay, as well as tips on what might help me and others to cope. You can read my article here.

So now we wait. Not knowing how long the pandemic will last, or how long IVF clinics will be out of action, is incredibly stressful.

Let’s just hope we come out the other side sooner rather than later.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 and cancelled IVF”

  1. Hi Carly I am so sorry to hear of your continued struggle, just as you were nearly having your IVF. I understand myself having just had my 6 th MC how devastated you must feel, your not alone! uncertainty sucks! Sending you lots of positivity and rainbow vibes x


    1. Thank you. And I’m so sorry you’ve just gone through your 6th miscarriage, I’m sending positivity and rainbow vibes right back at you. Take care of yourself xx


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