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I’m a wife, administrator, would-be traveller and recurrent-miscarriage sufferer, hoping to one day become a mum. I’ll be sharing my journey with you, including the grief, the joy and the hope along the way.

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  • Recurrent miscarriage -> Infertility -> IVF -> Baby?

    16th Feb 2020 by

    You know when it’s time to buy a new sofa? You think about it for a while, make the decision, then you go out and buy it. Pretty simple.  I also thought it would work like that with starting a family. Think about it for a while, make the decision, get pregnant. Boom.   Except for… Read more

  • Mental health after miscarriage: my thoughts

    24th Jan 2020 by

    Last week, on the day the news story broke about miscarriage causing PTSD, depression and anxiety (using this published paper as evidence), I was asked by Yahoo Style UK to share my thoughts. Their questions and my responses are below and the article can be viewed here.  I also wrote a blog post on my… Read more

  • Weighing heavy: obesity, infertility and self-kindness

    3rd Jan 2020 by

    During my three miscarriages, between June 2018 and May 2019, I had watched my weight steadily climb. A combination of hormones and distress, leading to comfort eating, left me seeing numbers on the scale bigger than I’d ever seen before. And I hated it. But I also struggled to do anything about it.  It’s a… Read more

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