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Welcome to Just Another Miscarriage.

I’m a wife, administrator, would-be traveller, recurrent-miscarriage sufferer and infertility warrior, hoping to one day become a mum.

I’ll be sharing my journey with you, including the grief, the joy and the hope along the way.

Find out more on my About me page.

Living childless: the first two years

My husband and I have just reached the two-year mark since we made the decision to stop trying for a baby. The four miscarriages and unsuccessful IVF of the previous three years had wrung us out. We couldn’t reignite that spark of hope that the next pregnancy would bring us a living child. And so…

Forging a new path: moving forward childless

For those of you who know my story, you know how difficult the last three years have been, both for me and for my husband. Getting married in June 2017, we had no idea of the difficulties we’d face in bringing a child into our family. The initial excitement of our first pregnancy was soon…

An IVF diary: short protocol

IVF was going to be a last chance saloon for me and my husband. We’d already had four miscarriages in 2.5 years and although we knew the odds of IVF working were low – around 15% according to our consultant – we also knew we couldn’t give up without at least having tried.   Our…

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