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I’m a wife, administrator, would-be traveller and recurrent-miscarriage sufferer, hoping to one day become a mum. I’ll be sharing my journey with you, including the grief, the joy and the hope along the way.

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  • Weighing heavy: obesity, infertility and self-kindness

    3rd Jan 2020 by

    During my three miscarriages, between June 2018 and May 2019, I had watched my weight steadily climb. A combination of hormones and distress, leading to comfort eating, left me seeing numbers on the scale bigger than I’d ever seen before. And I hated it. But I also struggled to do anything about it.  It’s a… Read more

  • Welcoming in change: overcoming a year of grief

    20th Dec 2019 by

    If my first pregnancy had been successful, we’d have an eleven month-old baby now. If the second had worked out, we’d have an eight month-old. If the third had gone to term, we’d have a newborn baby. But instead, me and my husband are having another Christmas as a family of two.  Don’t get me… Read more

  • Surprise! You're infertile

    2nd Dec 2019 by

    Back at the start of November, me and my husband went for our baseline fertility tests. We’d been referred to the Reproductive Medicine clinic for further investigation, and potentially IVF, after suffering our third miscarriage.  We were expecting a long wait, but our appointment with the consultant ended up being only 4 weeks after our… Read more

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