Welcome to Just Another Miscarriage.

I’m a wife, administrator, would-be traveller, recurrent-miscarriage sufferer and infertility warrior, hoping to one day become a mum.

I’ll be sharing my journey with you, including the grief, the joy and the hope along the way.

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COVID-19 and cancelled IVF

COVID-19 has changed life immeasurably over the last 6 weeks. First reported in China, it wasn’t long before cases of coronavirus were being reported more widely around the world. The virus was drawing closer, gaining a firm grip country by country, continent by continent. Eventually labelled a pandemic by WHO, we soon understood that coronavirus… Continue reading COVID-19 and cancelled IVF

One more rung up the IVF ladder

Between November 2019 and February 2020, life was a cycle of gym visits and healthy eating. There was no alcohol, infrequent eating out and our house was pretty much a chocolate free zone. I’ve never had such an un-indulgent Christmas or seen myself visiting the gym 4 times a week so consistently. Self control and… Continue reading One more rung up the IVF ladder

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