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Forging a new path: moving forward childless

For those of you who know my story, you know how difficult the last three years have been, both for me and for my husband. Getting married in June 2017, we had no idea of the difficulties we’d face in bringing a child into our family. The initial excitement of our first pregnancy was soon… Continue reading Forging a new path: moving forward childless

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An IVF diary: short protocol

IVF was going to be a last chance saloon for me and my husband. We’d already had four miscarriages in 2.5 years and although we knew the odds of IVF working were low - around 15% according to our consultant - we also knew we couldn’t give up without at least having tried.   Our… Continue reading An IVF diary: short protocol

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Why are women blamed for pregnancy loss?

When I was about 6 weeks into my first pregnancy, I leant over the kitchen worktop really hard to close a window that was just out of reach.   When I was trying to conceive my second pregnancy, I started taking baby aspirin tablets and I carried on taking them after my positive pregnancy test.… Continue reading Why are women blamed for pregnancy loss?

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The IVF letter you don’t want to receive during COVID-19

Today marks the end of this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week, an event originating in the States, but which involves people of all nationalities via social media. And it goes to show just how distracted I’ve been that I’ve only just realised. This time last year, I was pregnant, and just about to find out… Continue reading The IVF letter you don’t want to receive during COVID-19

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COVID-19 and cancelled IVF

COVID-19 has changed life immeasurably over the last 6 weeks. First reported in China, it wasn’t long before cases of coronavirus were being reported more widely around the world. The virus was drawing closer, gaining a firm grip country by country, continent by continent. Eventually labelled a pandemic by WHO, we soon understood that coronavirus… Continue reading COVID-19 and cancelled IVF

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One more rung up the IVF ladder

Between November 2019 and February 2020, life was a cycle of gym visits and healthy eating. There was no alcohol, infrequent eating out and our house was pretty much a chocolate free zone. I’ve never had such an un-indulgent Christmas or seen myself visiting the gym 4 times a week so consistently. Self control and… Continue reading One more rung up the IVF ladder

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Recurrent miscarriage -> Infertility -> IVF -> Baby?

You know when it’s time to buy a new sofa? You think about it for a while, make the decision, then you go out and buy it. Pretty simple.  I also thought it would work like that with starting a family. Think about it for a while, make the decision, get pregnant. Boom.   Except for… Continue reading Recurrent miscarriage -> Infertility -> IVF -> Baby?

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Weighing heavy: obesity, infertility and self-kindness

During my three miscarriages, between June 2018 and May 2019, I had watched my weight steadily climb. A combination of hormones and distress, leading to comfort eating, left me seeing numbers on the scale bigger than I’d ever seen before. And I hated it. But I also struggled to do anything about it.  It’s a… Continue reading Weighing heavy: obesity, infertility and self-kindness

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Surprise! You’re infertile

Back at the start of November, me and my husband went for our baseline fertility tests. We’d been referred to the Reproductive Medicine clinic for further investigation, and potentially IVF, after suffering our third miscarriage.  We were expecting a long wait, but our appointment with the consultant ended up being only 4 weeks after our… Continue reading Surprise! You’re infertile